2012 Season Feedback - "What they are saying" - Must Read!

July 31, 2012
By Fury Staff

Here is some unsolicited feedback from parents and players who played in our club this season:


Parent via email: "[My daughter] could be a poster girl for your program I took her to her senior pictures last week and she had about an hour worth of photo shoots in her Fury uniforms - she absolutely can't get over how great of an experience it was. I only got one photo in her high school uniform. She talks about her team and experience EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!"


Parent via email: "I want to thank each of you for a great season of AAU basketball for [my daughter], and I think the whole team. You set a very positive and instructive tone. You pushed the girls, worked them hard and developed them, but weren’t over-the-top with yelling, shouting, benching, etc. It seemed that you got great team play out of each of these girls, without any one girl appearing selfish or only in it for herself, and with that the team could compete with the best teams in the state (and even country). They played an enjoyable style of basketball to watch. Socially, the team dynamics with all 10 girls seemed great – no isolated cliques, no queen bees, no drama, they all got along well and appeared to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. And the parents were great to hang around with too! With 3 kids in different sports for many years now, I’ve had a chance to see good youth sports experiences and some bad youth sports experiences. As a somewhat protective father, all I want is a positive experience for [my daughter]. You guys delivered that – Thank you."


Parent via text message: "Sorry [we] missed saying goodbye to you but we seriously want to thank you soooooo much for everything, BEST THING EVER! We are so happy for this outcome after switching clubs. We will be keeping in touch during all of the college decisions. Thanks again, and we will talk soon."


Player via text mesage: "...and by the way this was the best switch [of clubs] I've ever made. I'm so glad that I got a chance to be a part of this. Best weekend everrrr!"


Parent via email: "Thanks for running a “first class” AAU basketball program. My daughter’s experience with the Fury was very positive. Her coach did an outstanding job of emphasizing individual skill improvement within the concept of team play. This is not seen at many levels of AAU basketball. It was good for [my daughter] to hear another voice.  [He] was very demanding, but was successful at this because the girls knows he cares about them. I know [my daughter] has cherished her time with a great bunch of teammates and coaches. It has made her a better basketball player, and maybe more importantly, she has developed life-long friendships and memories."


Parent via text message: "I wanted to say that you for all you have done for [my daughter]. Without the Fury and your support she would not be getting the [college scholarship] offers she is receiving."


Player via email: "I would like to thank you for an awesome AAU basketball season this year.  I had a great time, learned a lot, and realized more things that I can work on to improve myskills even more.  I had played with [another club] for 3 years before joining the Fury this season and I just want to say that this has by far been the best experience I've had with AAU basketball.  I really hope that I will have the opportunity to play basketball with the Fury again next season." 


Nick Storm
Founder/Girls Co-Director

Tim Peper
Girls Co-Director

Andy Cerisier
Girls Co-Director

Andy Bromeling
So-Minn Fury Coordinator